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SNORT MORE WHISKEY - The life of a rockstar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The White Wonder

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SNORT MORE WHISKEY [Sep. 23rd, 2007|11:04 am]
The White Wonder
Last night was indeed Lj worthy

-show in brampton, horrible turnout but chillin with casey baker, cain and abel and our boys in around tiffany was amazing
-marko's rooftop front flip
-me and liam only getting into the van when it is in motion
-going to the gas station, i started randomly washing the windshield of this car full of 4 girls who were on an egging expedition, so we chilled with them for a bit, then they needed more eggs to egg more houses, so we all go to dominion, and we just causing shit, grocery isle throwdowns, playing catch with a water melon and head of lettuce, eating as many grapes as i can fit in my mouth at once and then chugging a can of red bull and leaving the store without paying for a thing.
-the girls bought a carton of eggs for them, and one for us. and they started egging houses while speeding down side streets, so we did the same. and then we ditched them, a piece of markos van broke off because of me and liam only getting into the van while in motion, the last one almost killed me.

just as a side note, we are all sober at this point

-we then decide its time to get drunk, but its already 12:45 and we have no liquor, we make our way down to mickey finns, the bar was packed and we coudlnt get one order
-i was beign hit on by a hot ass blonde girl, and the whole time me and her were talking marko was fingering my ass through my pants...its weird feeling to get your asshole tickled while talking to a hottie about your backstreet boys tour shirt.
-so yeah, alcohol looks to be not happening at this point but its 1:40, we run down to reillys, we all imediately order multiple shots and beer
-big daddy starts physically abusing me
-the new waitress is so fucking hot
-i starting snorting whisky, making me cry, going straight to my head
-chugging as much booze as we can, then decide to play 1 game of pool at 2:40 in the morning at reillys, fun times
-then we are walking to the bus stop, almost get in a fight with a homeless man
-go to the store and marko is looking at the shit ass kung fu movies for 9.99, jp goes to the clerk "listen man, im fucked but we will buy this movie if you sell it to us for $2" and it worked and marko bought some kung fu movie for $2
-waiting for the bus jp and liam start wrestling, id like to mention jp saying liam looks like a lesbian the entire night, anyway long story short the fight ended with jp hitting liam with a chair

and now my sinus feels weird from all the whiskey snorting, and im hungover like a fox

but it was such a goodnight

much love


[User Picture]From: skeptizodes
2007-09-26 05:59 pm (UTC)
your livejournal is the most interesting in my livejournal list.

you lead a crazy life, tommy.
and im happy at least someone is living like you do.
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[User Picture]From: buck_semen101
2007-09-26 09:19 pm (UTC)
haha thank you :)

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